Crazy First Dates: "Mary & Prom Hell"

In case you missed today's "Crazy First Dates," Mary was asked to do a simple favor to help her sister and it quickly turned awry! A guy that Mary's sister worked with didn't have a prom date. Mary felt bad so she agreed to go with him. The dates met a few days before the prom to discuss what to wear and what flowers they were getting.

On prom day, Mary's prom date showed up two hours early to bring her to his house to take pictures. Apparently, it was his first date ever and it was a huge deal! His entire family AND neighborhood was there to take pictures of the couple. 

As if things couldn't get any more embarrassing, on the way to the prom, his car died AND he ripped his pants trying to fix it. One of his family members brought a car to rescue them and he had to borrow pants from the bar tender at the prom! Mamma Mia!

If it's even possible - this date gets even crazier! Find out the ending by listening below:

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