Josh Groban Reveals Where To Get The Best Coffee In The World

Josh Groban stopped by the LiteFM studio to chat with Bob and Christine about the release of his (many) upcoming projects. He also gave us some serious coffee advice. He would know, he's been everywhere!

September 21st will be a big day for Josh Groban. Not only is his album "Bridges" set to release this Friday, but his upcoming Netflix series "The Good Cop" will also premiere that day!  

"Bridges" will include world music, rhythm, and heartfelt lyrics. Josh talks about "Bridges," "I had a lot to say... I had a lot of original music ideas ready to go. I wanted this album to be a positive light in this divisive world that we are in. I wanted to write songs that were about unity and getting over this divisiveness and the hump of this anxiety the world seems to be in right now - I certainly was feeling it." We can't wait to hear it!

Following the release of "Bridges" Josh will head out on a world tour. In order to keep up with his busy life, Josh turns to coffee - just not before performances! We just had to ask where the best coffee in the world is. Can you guess?

Josh reveals that no coffee is like Italian coffee. The best espresso he has ever had was in Rome, Italy. 

Check out our full interview with Josh Groban below:

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