Crazy First Dates: "Rebecca & The Cross"

On this "Crazy First Date," Rebecca's date involved a cross, a missing person, and some poison ivy! Rebecca is a teacher and she moved to a new school. She started talking to one of her coworkers, that also worked on sets for off-Broadway productions. 

In order to get Rebecca's number, he told her that his phone was not working and he needed her to call his phone to test it - smooth! He asked her out to a comedy show. He picked her up in his pick-up truck to go to the show, and when they got out, he brought out a huge cross. He took the cross with them and dragged it all the way down 9th Avenue. People were STARING! 

After their date, for a full week, he didn't show up to work. Rebecca started to become concerned. Finally, her date shows up to her house COVERED in poison ivy! That explains it! Listen to this full date here:

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