Crazy First Dates: "Sherry & The Cruise"

On today's "Crazy First Date," Sherry had a 6 week long blind date... wait, what?

Sherry got a call from an ex-friend. This was completely unexpected considering this ex-friend slept with Sherry's ex-boyfriend... Said ex-friend invited Sherry on a 6 week cruise out of NYC and you'll never believe it, Sherry said yes. Sherry simply couldn't say no because she was bored of living in Indiana, loves sailing, and loves New York. They got ready for the cruise and this ex-friend thought it would be fun to bring dates for both of them. What if Sherry didn't like this guy? She was about to spend 6 weeks with him... To ease her mind, her date offered to fly her anywhere in the United States at any point she called it. 

As if this date couldn't get any crazier, halfway through their trip, her date revealed he is married! Listen to the ending of this 6 week long "Crazy First Date" here:

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