Crazy First Dates: "Jeanine & The Fry Guy"

On Jeanine's "Crazy First Date," her date was so cheap that you need to hear what happened!

Thanksgiving night, she met her date in a bar. He wanted to take her to the Seaport to go shopping the next day. When they got to the Seaport, they both went to the ATM and her date asked her how much money he should take out. Jeanine didn't know how to answer, so her date decided $30 was enough... 

They spent some time walking around, but Jeanine couldn't enjoy herself since was STARVING. At this point, her date was already being extremely cheap, so she only asked for french fries. He came back with a tiny cup of fries and ate more than half of them! She couldn't wait to get home and eat! Listen here:

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