Crazy First Dates: "Talya & The Pimples"

On this "Crazy First Date," Talya had a 1st date fly in from California on a whim. He texted her when he landed and made a point to disclose that he has pimples all over this face. He claimed he wanted to get it out of the way so Talya wasn't staring at them. 

At dinner, guss what, Talya spent the entire time staring at his face LOOKING for the pimples that weren't even there! The entire dinner was horrible - there was no chemistry whatsoever. Talya couldn't wait for it to end! However, now that he flew all the way out here from California - she felt obligated to go out with him three more times. They already starting planning their dates. How did she survive this one? Listen here:

Cubby and Christine Mornings

Cubby and Christine Mornings

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