Crazy First Dates: "Sonia & The Burger King"

In case you missed this "Crazy First Date," Sonia had a terrible first date, so she gave him a second chance. How did he make it up to her though?

One of the security guards at the hospital Sonia worked at asked her out. He took her to the movies and flashed his ID to get in for free. Once inside, he asked her if she would buy the popcorn since he got them in for free... Sonia thought that was a little weird, but she agreed. After the movie was over, he asked if he could see her again and Sonia said no. 

With a lot of begging and pleading, Sonia agreed, and her date said he would take her to a restaurant. Little did she know, he was going to take her to Burger King... Listen to this "Crazy First Date" here:

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