Crazy First Date Stories: "Vivian, Tennis, & Twins"

Vivian had an interesting "Crazy First Date" that involved tennis and some happy news!

Vivian was in a bar with her girlfriend and two guys walked in and began talking to them. At the time, Vivian had a guy she was kind of talking to so she was not interested. After awhile, they decided to leave. Vivian and her friend were driving down the highway and the two guys pulled up next to them. Out the window, the guys asked them to get coffee. Vivian's friend begged her to go because she really liked one of the guys. Vivian agreed and they met at a local diner.

The four of them got along really well and one of the guys asked for Vivian's number. She decided to give it to him on a whim. The next day, they talked on the phone for hours, he even invited her daughters to play tennis!

Spoiler alert, this date has a happy ending! Listen here:

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