Crazy First Dates: "Roseanne & The Cheapo With A Fiance!"

Roseanne's "Crazy First Date" was a no go, but what happened when she ran into him 6 months later?

Roseanne worked at a family owned video store and a customer she knew for years asked her on a date. He offered to pick her up at her job at 6:00. 6:00 came and went and he was a no show. Back then, there were no cellphones, only beepers and pagers. She hadn't heard from him at all. He even knew the phone number of the store and didn't call there either. Finally, he showed up at 7:30. Roseanne was STARVING so she agreed to still go on the date. 

Her date apologized for being late, but said that he HAD to go home to take care of something before they went out. Roseanne knew his family from the store and agreed to go home with him. They took over an hour at home and Roseanne could barely wait any longer to eat! When they finally go to the restaurant, she found out he had already eaten! 

If you thought this was bad, find out what happens when she ran into him 6 months later here:

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