Crazy First Dates: "Ellen, The Trumpet Player & Strangers in the Night"

In case you missed this "Crazy First Date," Ellen met her date at South Street Seaport, but did she see him right away?

A friend of hers offered to set her up on a blind date, she was hesitant, but she decided to give it a shot anyway. This was before there were cellphones, so Ellen has NO idea what he looked like. They decided to meet at South Sea Seaport because they both were working in the city. Ellen was running late and she was honestly hoping that he wouldn't show up. She saw someone who she thought was him, but was too embarrassed to go over! As she waited, a trumpet player was playing "Strangers In The Night" - very fitting for the occasion. They finally met up and they lived happily ever after! Listen to their love story here:

Cubby and Christine Mornings

Cubby and Christine Mornings

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