Crazy First Dates: "Andy & The Newspaper Ad"

On this "Crazy First Date," Andy did it old school and met a guy from the newspaper. 

Before the internet and dating apps, you could put an ad for yourself in the classified section of the newspaper. She found a guy she liked in the paper and set up a date with him. Andy asked her friends to be at the same cafe she was going to, just in case her date turned out to be a psychopath. What Andy didn't know was that the cafe was so crowded, her friends couldn't find a table. 

Her friends wound up having to go to the restaurant next door. When Andy and her date arrived, her friends came over to the cafe they were in and pretended to bump into them- in order to let her know they were next door. Andy was so focused on the lie that when her friends told her they came over to this cafe to use the bathroom, she totally exposed them and her date realized what happened. 

Find out how this "Crazy First Date" ends:

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