Crazy First Dates: "Carol & The Mets Game!"

On this "Crazy First Date," Carol had her 1st date at a Mets game, did she strike out or have a home run?

Carol lives in New York City, but was out at a bar in New Jersey and she was way out of her element. She clearly looked miserable because a guy came over and sat down next to her and said "you look you don't want to be here." Carol admitted that she didn't, they got to talking, and the guy invited her to go to a Mets game the next day. He had great seats, was going with a bunch of friends, and he figured it would be fun if she tagged along. Carol said yes, and the next day she had them over her house, and she drove them to the game. At the game, the guys were buying her soda, food, and whatever she wanted! 

Carol was well established, she was divorced, had a nice house, and baked them a pie. She thinks she may have intimidated the guys! What do you think? Listen to how this "Crazy First Date" ends, here:

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