Crazy First Dates: "Heather & The Singing Personal Trainer"

Heather's "Crazy First Date" started with burritos and ended with singing a weird song on the subway.

At Heather's co-op, she used to work out for about an hour a day in the gym that was there. One day, one of the personal trainers asked her out on a date to get burritos. The two of them had a couple of drinks and the date was going pretty well. He paid for the entire meal even though Heather offered to pay for her share. In her date's mind - if he paid, that meant that he was going to get some from Heather...

On the subway home, the trainer started singing a creepy "I'm gonna get some" song... Heather was freaked out and went home immediately. Do these two ever rekindle their fire? Listen here:

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