Crazy First Dates: "Christine & The Sailor"

On this "Crazy First Date," Christine met a Navy guy...did it work out or did she ship him off?

Christine was at a going away party for the Navy guys she worked with. Everyone was having a great time until her date rudely said he was going to "get some of that" referring to Christine... Regardless, she was young and in love and still went to support him at his Navy graduation.

Following his graduation, he immediately broke up with her. She was only 16 - she was heart broken! When he finally came back from the Navy, they ran into each other at a Christmas party. He was trying to distract her from the break up and started feeding her drinks and getting her drunk... at 16! How does this "Crazy First Date" end!? Listen here:

Cubby and Christine Mornings

Cubby and Christine Mornings

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