Crazy First Dates: "Marie & The Lobster Guy"

On this "Crazy First Date," Marie had an interesting first date involving a lobster. 

Marie met her date online and when they decided to meet up, he asked her to pick him up at the train station since he doesn't have a car. When she got there, he asked her if they could run some errands before they went out to eat. She agreed since she is a nice woman. When they got to the restaurant, he ordered both of them lobsters - Marie was wondering if he could afford it! 

During dinner, he was being very disgusting- talking with his mouthful, he even tried to kiss her with food hanging out of his mouth! She knew this date would never go anywhere, but still offered to drive him back to the train station. On the way back he tried to make a move, and you'll never believe what happened next... listen here:

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