Alessia Cara Talks Covering Christmas Songs


Grammy Award-winning Alessia Cara stopped by the LiteFM studios to chat with Bob and Christine about writing and releasing her sophomore album The Pains of Growing, growing up in the spotlight, and covering Christmas songs.

Alessia does a great job of staying uninvolved in celebrity drama. At 22 years old, Alessia revealed how growing up in the public eye has taught her a lot, "It's been a little bit of a challenge, especially because I am a very private person and I get very anxious if I feel like people just become entitled to certain parts of my life... but I think I've managed to find a balance between what's personal and what's public." Alessia addresses all The Pains of Growing (no pun intended) in her new album.

Obviously, we had to ask Alessia if she has any Christmas music in the works. Unfortunately, right now she doesn't, but she has been covering I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas with her band! We would love for Alessia to release a Christmas album. Watch our full interview with Alessia Cara above and pick up her new album The Pains of Growing.

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