Crazy First Dates: "Marie & The Special Place"

New year, new Crazy First Dates! On this Crazy First Date, Marie's date wanted to take her to a "special place"...

Marie met her date through friends while out playing pool. When he picked her up for their first date alone, he said he wanted to take her some place really nice. He warned her that it was going to be a far drive. While he was driving, he whipped out his wallet and showed Marie pictures of all of his ex-girlfriends. As if that wasn't sketchy enough, he also refused to tell her where they were going...

Finally, they arrived at his mother's house. Meeting your date's mother on the first date? That's a little fast! Following the family interaction, he brought Marie to a big field and told her they were going on a hot air balloon ride. Only one problem... Marie's greatest fear is heights! Listen to how this Crazy First Date ends below:

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