Crazy First Dates: "Nancy & Mr. Comfortable"

Nancy had a Crazy First (dinner) Date, and he did something at the restaurant you won't believe!

Nancy met her date on a dating website and they talked for a few weeks before they set up an official date. As she's waited for him to arrive, she saw some guy walking towards her that looked nothing like the guy she was supposed to be meeting. He totally cat-fished her! She wouldn't have judged him on his actual appearance if he hadn't lied to her. She decided to give him a chance anyway and stick around for the date.

While on the date, he took a phone call from a woman he also met on the same dating app and then took two more phone calls throughout the meal! How rude! Could it get any worse? At the end of the meal he unbuttoned his PANTS! Listen to how the rest of the date played out below:

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