Haley Reinhart On Her Sound And New Album 'Lo-Fi Soul'


American Idol season 10 alum, Haley Reinhart, sat down with Christine Nagy from the Bob and Christine Morning Show to chat about her brand new album Lo-Fi Soul and how she formed her own sound.

Nagy described Haley's sound as "beautiful, old Hollywood jazz yet also modern" and asked Reinhart how she would describe it. Reinhart said, "I think is all of those mixed with soul and rock and roll... I'm trying to get those points across, having a mixture of all those genres finally coming together, where I could still appeal to the older crowd that I know and love and also have a new crowd of the younger generation saying its old but it's fresh and they could apply themselves to my music." We love her sound and completely agree!

Later, Reinhart talked about her excitement to tour with her new album and about her fashion taste. For information about Lo-Fi Soul and tour dates, click here. Watch the full interview above.

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