Jennifer Lopez On Motherhood, Workout Schedules, And New Music


The one and only Jennifer Lopez stopped by the Lite FM studios to chat with Bob and Christine about her new single "Medicine," her workout schedule, new movies, motherhood, and MORE. Lots to discuss!

With Mother's Day approaching next month, JLo shared some of the lessons she learned upon becoming a mother 11 years ago,

"When I was out there own my own, and this is everybody, you're so selfish and only thinking about your life. I had twins and it became all about them. My life is them. I thought, how do I raise them right? Your perspective on the world changes. You really think about, how do I want this world to be because they have to live in it. How do I make it better and how do I become better? I realized you have to do better in every way, as a person and at work, you have to keep growing, evolving, learning, and keep them grounded... I just hope that by my example, by being a good person, by treating people in the right way, by working hard, I just hope they realize that's how you can have a good life. You have to earn things, nothing is given to you."

Later, Lopez revealed that after she finishes filming her movie "Hustlers" featuring Cardi B, she is set to film ANOTHER movie with an accompanying album. More music from Jenny from the Block, how exciting! As if THAT isn't enough, she is still a judge on NBC's World Of Dance, AND is set to embark on tour this year making a stop in New York City at Madison Square Garden for the first time in about 20 years!

Check out her full interview above to hear all about her workout routine, advice to wannabe dancers, and m.

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