Dr. Oz Talks The Hazards Of Pool Floats & Motives Behind Serial Killers


Dr. Oz stopped by the Lite FM studio to chat with Jack Kratoville and Christine Nagy about the hazards of pool floats and interviewing one of Ted Bundy's living victims.

The new plastic smell pool floats give off is actually incredibly harmful to your body. The chemicals mess with your hormones, Oz says "We've learned a fair amount about how these can be harmful... I don't want kids lying on these pool floats all day long or falling asleep on them. Put them outside and let them get the smell out." Dr. Oz doesn't want you to throw away your pizza and unicorn floats, but beware of the harm they can cause!

Dr. Oz also talks about the reason serial killers become serial killers, after studying behavior of the infamous murderer Ted Bundy. Tune into Dr. Oz's show today, Tuesday May 21, as he talks with Kathy Kleiner, Ted Bundy's living victim and watch the full interview with Dr. Oz above!

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