Jeff Daniels Reveals Playing Atticus Finch Is The Ultimate Challenge


Aaron Sorkin's To Kill A Mockingbird is taking Broadway by storm with 9 Tony Award nominations. The play has even broken Broadway box office records! The star of the production, Jeff Daniels, stopped by the Lite FM studio to chat with Christine Nagy and Jack Kratoville about taking on the legendary character from Harper Lee's novel, Atticus Finch.

"I jumped at him (Atticus), no brainer... In the last 10 years in order to just stay interested, I have to be challenged and Atticus Finch is the ultimate challenge... it became the performing a role of a lifetime and I didn't know that going in. It had the potential to be that because of his iconic stature and and what people were bringing to it, but if I could pull it off it would be the role of a lifetime."

Later, Daniels talks about what it would be like for all of his iconic roles to go out to eat together and how he molds himself to fit the character he is playing. Check out the full interview above!

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