Randy Jones On The Formation Of The Village People


Pick yourself off the ground! Randy Jones from The Village People stopped by the Lite FM studio to chat with Cubby and Christine about the origins of the group!

The Village People is an American Disco group best known for their catchy songs such as "YMCA" and "Macho Man." Jones described how the group got together,

"Two Frenchmen saw us perform and afterwards I was approached by them. This is like 2 o'clock in a club and they say 'we like the way you look, we like the way you move, we like your mustache, we want to know would you like to be part of a group?' Now it's 1977 and two men with foreign accents at night are asking me do I want to be part of a group I knew this could go one way or the other... they had an idea for a group called Village People and it was the brother group to an all-girl group they already had called The Richie Family and it was a great idea!"

Later, Jones talks about how the group promoted their music to get to the top of the charts in the 1970s. Be sure to check out his film Can't Stop The Music recently released on blu-ray. Watch the full interview above!

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