PayPal’s new safe and touch-free way to pay uses QR Codes

New York has finally made it to Phase 4 so that means more of us are getting out and about, dining at our favorite neighborhood restaurants, getting decent haircuts for ourselves and our pets or stopping by our go-to vendor at the local Farmer’s Market.

We’re still taking all the precautions … wearing a mask, socially distancing … but what about when it comes time to pay? What if you don’t feel comfortable exchanging cash or credit cards, signing a receipt or punching a pin pad? Well, PayPal has come up with a unique way for small businesses to offer their customers a way to pay that’s completely touch-free and safe using QR codes.

All you need to do to set it up is go to, download the app, complete a couple of simple set-up steps and you can start accepting payments via your unique QR code.Voila. You can even go to the PayPal web store to order things like custom tabletop signs and stickers and there are no fees until 2021 so more money goes into your pocket! Your customers will appreciate you going the extra mile so they can shop safe.