Crazy First Dates: "Lisa & The Racecar (Bed)"

posted by Deanna Moore - 

In case you missed this "Crazy First Dates," Lisa went a first date and as the date was winding down, he said he had to tell her something important..involving the bedroom! A coworker set up Lisa on a blind date. Her date decided to take her to Olive Garden all the way in New Jersey - they're from Staten Island. Once they arrive after a long drive, Lisa's date was extremely cheap. He encouraged her to order water because it's free. He wouldn't even let her order a glass of wine! He also made sure to tell Lisa to take advantage of the free breadsticks. 

As if the date couldn't get any worse, on the long ride home, Lisa's date decided to reveal that he still sleeps in a race-car bed made for children... Did he think he was going to get lucky? Listen to the full episode here:

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