Do Women Find Guys With Tattoos More Attractive?

Do tattoos on guys make a difference on their level of attractiveness? Do you think girls are more into guys with or without tattoos?! According to a new study, when women see a guy with tattoos they immediately view him as more masculine. Not only that, but other men view tattooed guys as more intimidating. The study shows that in a room filled with singles, a tatted up guy has an advantage. 

Researchers in Poland showed women over 2,000 photos of men both with tattoos and without. The majority of the women rated the tattooed men as more masculine and dominant than the men who aren't inked out. However, the same women also revealed that they perceived men with tattoos as less likely to be faithful and not dad material. Basically, guys with tattoos are perceived as sexy bad boys, but not necessarily someone to settle down with. What do you think of this? Agree or disagree? Perception is not reality but we want to know your opinion! 


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