Name A Cockroach For Your Valentine At The Bronx Zoo

Roses are red, violets are blue, how does it feel having a cockroach named after you? Once again, The Bronx Zoo is offering people the chance to name one of its Madagascar hissing cockroaches in honor of someone for Valentine's Day. Whether it's an ex that you are trying to get over, a current flame, or even your spouse (ha!), a cockroach will be put in their name. Even those without a significant other are advised to donate so that they can name a roach to "honor relationships past".The zoo started offering the name-a-roach program in 2011 as a fun way to fundraise. For $10, recipients get an emailed certificate telling them one of the insects from the world's largest roach species has been named after them! This year, the zoo is also offering to send along chocolates or a Madagascar cockroach plush toy. Don't worry about roaches running out either, the museum said it has thousands of them on exhibition to donate. Nothing says 'I love you' like a nice cockroach!



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