The Internet Can't Figure Out Where To Store Ketchup

There are a few staple condiments that everyone usually has in their kitchen; Mayo, mustard, hot sauce, and ketchup. Even though the first three are usually kept in the fridge, for some strange reason, people are split on whether or not ketchup should be kept cool or left int he pantry!

According to Refinery29, Twitter users have some pretty strong opinions on the proper placement of the condiment- while sharing some pretty strong words to sway people to their side. 


Finally, we have an answer: Refrigerate it-always. "Ketchup no longer contains sodium benzoate and has less salt in it than used to," says Susan westmoreland, the Good Housekeeping Institute's Food Director. "Reducing these preservatives makes cold storage a must." We're happy to come to a conclusion, but that leaves us wondering, what about ketchup left out on the table at diners and other restaurants? 

Where do your thoughts lie on this whole debate?


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