Grocery Games: How To Pick The Fastest Checkout Line

There's nothing more frustrating than going to the supermarket, navigating the crowded aisles , and getting your groceries only to find that the checkout lines are insanely long! But we have good news, there is an art to picking the quicker line. Here are the expert tips on how to always pick the fastest supermarket checkout line.

If you’ve only got a few items and self-checkout is available, use it: Skip the do-it-yourself line if you’ve got a lot of produce or a full cart, however. You’ll just end up making things more difficult for yourself.

Avoid the register with the flashing light: Even if it’s the shortest line, don’t get in it. The light means the cashier is waiting for assistance and it could take a lot longer than waiting in the longest line.

Stay away from the cashier who is chatting with customers: A friendly employee is wonderful ... if you aren’t in a rush. Talking takes longer.

Get in line behind other customers moving quickly: If you see someone unloading their basket quickly and efficiently, that’s who you want to get behind.

Don’t get in line behind people with a lot of produce: Cashiers have to weigh and manually put the serial number of produce into the register, which takes more time.

Place your items on the belt conveniently for bagging: If the frozen and refrigerated items are together, then the cashier can easily put items in bags as he or she scans.

Happy shopping!

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