The Four Workplace Personalities

Scientists think there are 4 workplace personalities- which is yours? According to Glamour, employees generally fall into four specific categories of workplace personalities. 

1. The Pioneer: Outgoing, risk taker, not detail oriented, an idea person who looks at the big picture. They can be impulsive, but because of their outgoing nature and their ability to take risks they are generally leaders.

2. The Driver: Focused, logical, and results driven. This person loves data, but can get impatient waiting for things to happen. They can sometimes jump the gun, but they are never wishy-washy and prefer making a definitive decision and being wrong rather than talking in circles while nothing happens.

3. The Integrator: Non-confrontational and empathetic. This person is liked by everyone and has the ability to build morale and cultivate important work relationships. They can sometimes get bossed around because they are more likely to chat with employees than get right down to business, but they should never be underestimated – especially since they can be vital in driving business, attracting customers and making a name in the community.

4. The Guardian: Loyal, reserved and oftentimes a perfectionist. This employee is most likely the hardest worker but also the most stressed out. They only speak up when they know exactly what they want to say and they should be listened to since they are more often than not well informed.

Researchers stress that each personality type is vital for a company to perform well, but the best way for that to happen is to pair opposite personalities up so that they help each other. Drivers should work with integrators, and guardians should work with pioneers.

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