Guys Reveal Their Biggest Turn Offs

The guys on the AskMen SubReddit have a trending topic going about what their biggest turn-offs are, and they are obviously varied. Here are some of the most popular responses!

The Kylie Jenner look: Apparently heavy makeup, lip fillers and anything that goes along with attaining that picture perfect look is a turn-off for some guys. These are likely the same guys that like their women to have a more natural look.

Overly inspiring social media posts: Some guys think those quotes or philosophical postings are annoying.

Drawn on eyebrows: This goes back to the heavy makeup.

Tattoos: Some guys love them and some don’t mind, but the guys who don’t like them really don’t like them!

Red lipstick: Apparently some guys think it makes women look older ... and not in a good way.

Big boobs: Believe it or not, some guys think a little smaller is better ...

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