Jack Kratoville Celebrates 20 Years At Lite FM

Happy 20 years at Lite FM, Jack! We are so happy you have been apart of the Lite FM family for so long and appreciate what you have done for the station over the last 20 years. To celebrate Jack's 20th work anniversary, we asked him to write a short piece about what his time at Lite FM means to him. 

A Word From Jack Kratoville

"Twenty years is really hard to believe. It seems like yesterday when Jim Ryan shook my hand and said, "It's just a weekend shift, but it will hold you over until something better comes along." Well there is nothing better. The number one station in the number one market is an honor. In reality, Lite has had a better run these past 20 years than the Yankees.

I remember being the new kid among veterans, trying to avoid eye contact in the hallways.  I recall first looking out the window from the Viacom building at 3am and realizing there were more people awake out there than the entire population of any place I had ever worked before.

Since then I've been on every hour, every shift in every daypart. I've gone from Dan Fogelberg to Imagine Dragons. I've been behind Lite's mic during the Blackout of '04 and in the aftermath of 9-11. And I've worked with and alongside the best in the business, which is what has kept me on my toes every time I walk into that studio.

There have been many highlights over the years, but it all came into focus one afternoon while doing a "Five at five" feature. As I was walking into the kitchen at 1133 (which overlooked the Empire State Building), Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" was playing through the intercom. I looked at the top of the tower and heard the words "top of the heap." For radio people, there is no higher."

Jack's first on-air shift at Lite FM 20 years ago! Check out that old Lite FM logo on the microphone. 

Jack with the then Program Director of Lite FM, Jim Ryan.

The Lite FM family 20 years ago! 


And now! Thanks for a great 20 years, Jack! We can't wait to see what the next 20 has in store. 

A Note from the Program Director

"On behalf of the whole staff of Lite-fm and iHeartMedia, I want to congratulate Jack Kratoville on his 20 year anniversary of being on the air at Lite-fm. In the number one media market in the world, it’s quite an accomplishment.

The quality we all love  most about Jack is that he’s very much the same guy off the air as he is on. He’s warm, funny, friendly and an overall joy to be around. Professionally Jack is one of the most talented on-air Talents to ever open a microphone in New York City. He has a style that draws the listener in, like a friend. Every show that Jack does is good for several smiles and a couple of laughs.

Thank you Jack Kratoville for your part in making Lite-fm the most listened to station in New York City for most of the last 20 years!"

Chris Conley

Program Director/Lite-fm 106.7

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