5 Ways You Can Prolong Your Life

Overtime, people from all over the world have discovered certain activities. or conditions, which when maintained, help to prolong the life of the individual. With many advances in science and medicine, these 5 discoveries have become proven methods of prolonging life!

Maintain Good Hygine

Right from childhood, we are taught to wash our hands often, and for good reason. Regularly washing your hands, washing fruits before you eat them, showering daily, and avoiding contaminated water are all things you can do to protect yourself from germs. Certain illnesses like Chlorea and typhoid are caused by low hygiene standards, especially in developing counties, and are a major cause of death.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Overweight individuals have a higher risk of heart attack, diabetes, or stroke. Maintaining a healthy weight begins by finding foods that are good for you, and that you enjoy. 

Maintain An Active Lifestyle

Physical activity is linked to a longer life! By moving your body, walking around, and exercising, you keep your muscles healthy and your organs functioning properly. Doing all of these things, even if it is just a walk, are the step in the right direction of a healthy lifestyle. 

Avoid Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse have been known to abruptly end lives. If you avoid intake of drugs and alcohol, you are prolonging your life already!

Love Your Life

Having the will to live a happy and healthy life will help you mentally! Loving your life simply involves appreciating yourself, your environment, your body, and your social connections. 

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