The Incredible Thing 1 Grandma Did to Make Her 5-Year-Old Grandson Happy

Parents are the rule makers and enforcers, but when it's time to go to grandma or grandpa's house, all bets are off! This one grandma took spoiling her grandson, Dresden, to the next level. Instead of taking him to a movie or the zoo, or buying him a toy, she cooked 15 pounds of spaghetti noodles in different colors. Then, the fun grandma proceeded to fill her bathtub with the colorful pasta and let her grandson "squish around" in it for an hour! 

Needless to say, her efforts and creativity were well worth it, look at the smile on her grandson's face!

According to Buzzfeed, Dresden spent two hours squishing and giggling with his rainbow spaghetti in the tub. 

Seeing the joy on Dresden's face makes us smile. It just shows what a long way a little creativity and a fun-loving grandma can go!

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