Four-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life Using Her Thumbprint To Unlock iPhone

As our kids watch us go about our day-to-day lives, they tend to pick up on our habits and often at times mimicking us in an attempt to do what we do. Fortunately, this is the one time where imitation helped save a life. A four-year-old boy, Roman, from Croydon England, saved his mother's life by using her thumbprint to unlock her iPhone after she collapsed unconscious. Roman then proceeded to use the Siri function to dial 999 (UK's version of 911), which put him through to emergency services according to Buzzfeed.

The call to emergency services was released, take a listen below.

Thanks to young Roman's phone call, the police and paramedics were able to locate and arrive at the family home in just under 13 minutes. Upon their arrival, they greeted Roman and saw his mom lying unconscious on the floor. The paramedics proceeded to give her life-saving first aid, and she regained consciousnesses and was taken to the hospital. 

Police have released a clip of the 911 call to remind parents about the importance of teaching young children their address and how to use 911 in an emergency! It also may be useful to teach your child how to unlock your phone as well, just in case. 

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