This Mom Set Up a Controversial GoFundMe to Get Her Kids to Disney

This UK mom just wanted to get her children to Disney World, and the Internet responded with severe outrage. Nikki Smith, 33, made a GoFundMe page in order to raise funds to get her two daughters to Disney World. GoFundMe is typically used to help families coping with sickness, death, or financial hardships and the Internet did not think that Smith's cause was worthy of a page. 

According to Elite Daily, Smith's original fundraising goal was $6,000, but she shut down the page shortly after posting the link to Facebook where it was shared over 19,000 times. Despite the viral response, Smith only raised a mere $12 because of the Internet's rage. She has been labeled as a 'bad person' and 'bad mother' because of her decision. It soon became clear that the link was being shared ironically, and people labeled Nikki as 'cheeky' or 'shameless'. 

Now, Smith has set up a new GoFundMe page. After the torrent of abuse, she wanted to speak up and defend herself against the hatred which is why she created an entirely new page with an increased fundraising goal of $10,000. 

Smith says that she is "not asking people for their hard earned money" and that "people have a choice" about whether or not they want to donate. As of now, Smith has raised around $660 for her trip and hopes to eventually "fulfill her children's dreams".

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