Children's Company Slammed For Selling High Heels To Babies

A children's footwear company, Pee Wee Pumps, is facing extreme backlash for selling high heels designed for babies. Consumers have found the photos of infants covered in feathers, lace, and pearls while wearing the soft, stiletto inspired styles offensive because they "sexualize" children. 

Commented on the now-deleted Facebook post have ranged from, "You have to be kidding me! Sorry but this is sick! Children should be allowed to be children, not dressed up to look like hookers," to "Absolutely beyond a joke. Who the hell actually buys these monstrosities??? Sickos sexualizing babies & children." 

The creator of Pee Wee Pumps, Michele Holbrook, doesn't let the comments bother her. She claims that the shoes are not intended to 'sexualize' babies and should be looked at like an accessory such as a cute romper or tutu. She also added that the shoes aren't made for walking, and only go up to six months in sizing when babies start to crawl. Holbrook says negative comments are cyclical and drive traffic to her site regularly. "There's no such thing as bad publicity; if it brings attention, it'll help you," she went on to explain.

What do you think about this accessory for babies?

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