If Your Child Eats This Snack, Check For Mold Immediately

When her son Henry said his snack "tasted like poop", Alecia Bailey Cullum proceeded to open her son's Mott's applesauce pouch and discovered something disgusting inside. Shocked, she sliced open another one, and another. All three packets contained the same nasty contents: giant chunks of green mold! Cullum posted the photo on Facebook in case any other children encounter this yucky snack. 

The pouches expiration date was August 22, 2017, so that was not the issue. Cullum stated that she's refrigerated the applesauce since purchasing it a week ago. She advised others to not buy food or drinks in pouches like this.

Cullum hoped to warn her friends, but never expected such a enormous response. Over 500,000 people have since shared her gross discovery, repulsed at her findings. "I posted it so my family could see. We all buy pouches, whether it be applesauce or Capri Suns or what have you," she told Good Housekeeping, "I honestly never expected it to go viral like it did." 

Mott's is currently in touch with Cullum, and investigating her claims. "Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our consumers and the safety and quality of our products." The company has received no other complaints about finding mold in their products, but are working hard on determining the root cause. Cullum also took Facebook to record a video of her findings. 

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