Need More Mom Friends? There's An App For That

Michelle Kennedy, the genius behind the app Peanut, was overcome with a sense of loneliness after becoming a mom. Her girlfriends weren't at the stage in their lives where they were having children, and she often found it difficult to leave the house with a newborn. Since she already working in the dating industry for apps such as Badoo and Bumble, Kennedy came up with a clever idea, why not have an app where new moms and moms-to-be can meet? And suddenly Peanut was born.

Unlike other mommy apps on the market which Kennedy says felt "outdated, old-fashioned, and patronizing," she wanted Peanut to feel fresh, modern, and cool. Like a dating app, Peanut connects likeminded mommies based on location, age, gender of the children, interests, profession, and more. The app is useful to arrange playdates, or group mom meet ups. Instead of a time-consuming group message, Peanut makes it easy, including a scheduling feature, in which you can create an event, send an invite, and add it to your calendar with three easy taps. 

We're loving this creative idea! Would you use this app for a mommy-meet up?


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