Why You Should Never Let Your Child Near A Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a staple in every household across the country, but often at times we don't realize how potentially dangerous they could be. One distraught mother is urging parents to be cautious with their children when the vacuum cleaner is around after a simple accident left her 16-month-old son Theo, with fourth degree burns.

According to PopSugar, Jade Bishop took to Facebook to share the disturbing photos of Theo's blistering hand after he turned the vacuum on and got his fingers caught in the bottom. The inquisitive toddler had been following his mom around the house while she cleaned. Jade shut the appliance off and turned her back on her son to unplug it from the wall, and in that single second disaster struck. She heard him screaming and noticed that he turned on the vacuum, and managed to put his thumb in the bottom of the Dyson where the bristles spin at a crazy speed. 

Plastic surgeons and burn specialists at the hospital told Theo's mom that his injuries could have been worse. In addition to painful four-degree burns, the baby may also have exposed tendons which could require skin grafts and surgery in the future. Jade is urging other parents to not let their children near vacuum cleaners due to this dangerous incident. 

The photos of Theo's injury are graphic, but they are a harsh reminder of the dangers to our kids lurking in our own homes!

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