Dad's Chilling Reminder Of The Importance Of First-Aid Training For Parents

For any parent that has ever overlooked or doubted the value of first-aid training, one dad is sharing a personal story that he hope changes their mind. The anonymous dad took to Reddit to share his tale. His wife was running late, so it was up to him to put dinner on the table. He chose to serve them chicken nuggets and canned carrots. After making sure his children were settled with their food, he turned around to heat up his own meal. "It gets quiet as they chow, but I start to hear gurgling sounds; it's a sound I have never heard a human make before," he wrote. "I look over, my oldest is acting like he is going to toss his cookies, so I run him to the bathroom. I get him in front of the toilet and realize he isn't breathing."

The dad recounts how he slapped his son on the back a few times, but nothing happened and he continued to choke. In a moment of panic, he had no idea what to do but quickly remembered learning the Heimlich maneuver in first-aid training. On the third thrust, a chicken nugget popped out followed by a gasp and a wail. "All those years of first responder and CPR training instantly became some of the most valuable training I have ever received," he wrote. 

Next time you are thinking about passing up that first-aid training, remember that it can save your loved ones lives!


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