This Man Was Physically Dragged Off A Overbooked Flight

Videos have recently surfaced the Internet of a man being physically dragged off a United Airlines plane after the flight was overbooked, according to Buzzfeed. Videos posted to Twitter and Facebook show a man being pulled out of his seat, and down the aisle of the plane by three security officers. 


Audra Bridges, who uploaded the above video to Facebook, said the flight was overbooked by four people. The airline told the flight that four people need to willingly get up and leave. After no one volunteered, a manager came aboard and said passengers would be selected to leave at random. United chose a doctor and his wife to leave the plane, but the man became visibly upset because he had urgent patients to attend to the next day. A manager then told him security would be called if he refused to leave the plane. Three security guards then removed him from his seat while other passengers yelled in disgust.


Another passenger, Jayse D. Anspach, took to Twitter to live-Tweet the incident. 

He later tweeted that the doctor was finally allowed back on the plane and appeared to have a "bloody face" after he hit his lip on the armrest while security was forcing him to leave the plane. 


United Airlines later released an apology about the incident but many passengers were left upset and in disbelief. 


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