Why You Might Want to Stop Using Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have probably taken over your Instagram feed due to their bright colors and fun designs, and are probably the trendiest self-care item right now. But they may also have an unexpected side effect: the chemicals inside the bath bomb can seriously mess with your lady party, according to two gynecologists who recently spoke with SELF. How so? According to OB/GYN Michael Cackovic, your vagina is home to 10 to 20 types of bacteria. When you expose your neither region to chemicals, particularly the ones used in bath bomb to create their sweet scents, the pH balance of the healthy bacteria can get thrown off. This can ultimately lead to irritation, itchiness, and infection! If you think you want to give this fun bath accessory a go, just be sure to look out for symptoms of infection that may be irritation, or strange odors, and report anything unusual to your doctor. 



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