5 Bad Ass Quotes About Making Money From Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero stopped by to talk with Helen Little about her books You Are A Badass and You Are A Badass At Making Money on the The Public Library podcast. Not only are Sincero's books filled with must-read advice, the author has some pretty killer advice in real life, too! Thankfully, she shared some of her badass with Helen and all the book lovers tuning in to the podcast. 

Here are the 5 best quotes about making money from Jen Sincero's appearance on The Public Library:

On the biggest hang up's people have about money:

I'm going to give you the top 3. Money is the root of all evil. People really think it's an evil, dirty, bad thing. They think they'll have to do something they hate to make money. They'll have to work themselves to the bone doing stuff they hate. The biggest one is that they don't think they're allowed to make money. They haven't given themselves permission to make money. You can tell people how to invest and how to work with money, but if they haven't gotten over the part of yourself that isn't allowing yourself to go for it, it's such a loaded topic...to go out and say "I'm gonna make a ton of money," people will look at you funny. It's not okay in our society.

On why we need to stop feeling ashamed for making money:

We use money every single day of our lives. Certainly people do horrible things to make money. We see it all the time: the power-mongering and the horror that happens because people are greedy and out of balance. But everyday we experience awesome things that happen because of money. We use it everyday to enhance our lives, yet we always seem to focus on the negative about it. We do live in a fear based society. We get all the messaging from our parents and society that say 'you gotta work hard and that it's no fun.' It's been passed down for quite a while, but I don't what cave person decided that money was bad. 

On why we need to question our own minds to be successful:

The Little Prince is what I call our subconscious minds and I thought it was a really fun analogy because when we're little kids we take in all this information - from our parents mostly, but also the society around us - about all sorts of things. With money, that's where we learn to take things at face value. So if we see our parents fighting about money, that's where go 'money is bad. it makes people fight.' It's a very primal understanding. We haven't developed our analytical brains yet. What happens is, that gets in to our fiber and it becomes our belief system. As we grow, it becomes our truth and we don't question it. As adults when we're like 'hell yeah, I'd love to make a lot of money,' we won't let ourselves do it because of our subconscious beliefs. Our subconscious minds are running our lives, but they're based on things we learned as little kids and haven't really analyzed yet. Once you wake up and become aware instead of taking it at face value, then you can question it and be like 'actually, Little Prince, I'm going to be running the show from now on.'

On wealth meaning something different to everybody:

I thought about it a lot in my own life. How much money is enough for me? Honestly, I read a lot of great books on this kind of stuff. It made me question that. We live in such a comparison based society. The only truth comes from inside yourself and being able to detach from all the outside input you're getting is so important. This is your one and only life as the you that is you and you want to live it doing what truly makes you happy and lights you up. Because we live in a world, like it or not, where money is used every single solitary day, it is some of the most important work you can do to figure out what is important to you and how much money that will cost and go out and make that money.

On the downside of saving ALL of your money:

Money is here for us to enjoy and if you save all of it, it’s spent before you’ve even made it, which is so fun free. In order to go make money, you have to have energy. You need excitement and emotion around it. If the second it comes in, it just goes in your savings account, you’re not going to have that energy to make more. Decide what’s really, really important to you and exciting for you to spend money on and let yourself have it. .. while you save. It’ll raise your frequency around money. It’ll make you excited to bring money in. That’s what you need. 

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