iHeartRadio Lit Up The Kosciuszko Bridge Tonight

The new Kosciuszko Bridge has finally opened, connecting the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens. The highly anticipated bridge made its debut with a stunning LED light show synced to the music from iHeartRadio, Lite FM and Q104.3! 

Governor Cuomo hosted the bridge's debut with a fantastic live stream via Facebook. If you missed it, take a look at the spectacular light show below!


Cuomo is extremely proud of the new bridge because it's the first major bridge built in NYC over the past 53 years. The brand new bridge also touts a high-tech LED lighting system, which is what is making the light show possible. The first span of the Bridge will be converted to five lanes of Queens-bound traffic when the second span containing four lanes opens in 2020 for Brooklyn-bound traffic. The bridge will also feature a 20-foot-wide path for cyclists and pedestrians.

The lights looked absolutely gorgeous!



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