This Is Where Lyme Disease Will Be Most Prevalent This Year

If you live in the Northeast, you are used to taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself against the tick-borne illness, especially at this time of year. Even if you live elsewhere in the country, ticks and Lyme disease may be prevalent according to the map below.

According to Good Housekeeping, researchers analyzed data on more than 12 million Lyme disease tests conducted on dogs from 2011-2015. They used this data to create forecast maps, which show just how prevalent the disease has been in different parts of the country in the past- and how likely it will show up this year. The Northeast is the biggest tick hotspot, but the disease can also occur in states in the upper Midwest such as Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan. Yikes!

It is very important to protect yourself from ticks which can be done by wearing incest-repellent clothing or applying incest-repellent spray. Remember to always protect your feet as well, since nymphal ticks are often found on the ground. Overall, it's also important to look out for signs of tick-borne illness, regardless of where you live. Symptoms of Lyme disease include fatigue, low fever, joint and muscle pain. Be sure to check in with your doctor if you're experiencing any symptoms!

Beka Setzer took to Facebook to inform users about these tiny ticks, and the Powassan virus which is a deadly disease spread by the parasites.

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