This Store Is Majorly Changing How Consumers Shop

Some big changes are headed to your local Macy's store, so get ready! The company plans on testing new features that they hope will help boost profits as more shoppers are flocking to the online world of Amazon or discounted shops such as TJ Maxx and Walmart. Business Insider reported that Macy's plans to adopt a strategy similar to TJ Maxx's, such as a self-service shoe department instead of relying on workers to get the boxes from the back for you. 

Macy's execs say this change came from consumers, who no longer want to make small talk with a sales associate while looking for shoes. The store is also testing out two different sections that offer some major discounts. One is called Backstage, which has been a standalone shop before and may become part of larger Macy's stores. The other is called Last Act, which puts all clearance items in one place. 

The company also plans to retool its fine jewelry departments, add furniture and mattresses to many stores that didn't already sell them, and let shoppers easily pick up items they purchased online. Macy's has been dealing with financial struggles lately, and they hope these changes will help turn profits around!


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