11-Year-Old Author Tells Her Story

Meet Bailey and Douglas Harris, a father daughter duo hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. At only 11-years-old, (yes you read that right) Bailey and her dad wrote their first book, My Name Is Stardust. This all started when Bailey and her family were outside watching cosmos, and she learned that everything in the universe was made of stardust, including our own bodies! This interested Bailey and she ran inside to type up her thoughts and share her amazing discoveries with the rest of the world. Douglas went inside and found her typing away at his office computer, and after a year of hard work the duo brought My Name Is Stardust to life!

This book is designed to get children excited about science and show them how large our universe truly is. The creative illustrations are watercolor drawings that are eye-catching, colorful, and perfect for a young reader! 

Listen to the full episode of the Public Library Podcast to learn more about Bailey, Douglas and My Name Is Stardust below!



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