Here's One Thing You Never Noticed About the Candy Land Board

Candy Land is a board game that transports us right back to our childhood. You could play it with your children, grandchildren, or your grandparents and it never gets old!

There is one thing you probably never noticed at the beginning of the journey to Candy Castle: the boy and girl are holding left hands! One clever Twitter user pointed out the below and we were shocked.


This definitely doesn't seem like the most efficient way to travel through the Candy Cane Forest or climb up Gumdrop Mountain. It turns out, those familiar blonde cartoon characters that we all know and love were not part of the original version of the board game. Eleanor Abbot created the game in the 1940s while she was suffering from polio. She wanted to create a game for kids suffering with the disease to enjoy. Check out the original board below!


A few years later, Milton Bradley produced the game and eventually all of the characters you recognize were created.

Are you itching to play a round or two now? You can purchase the game on Amazon for just $12.80.



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