Why This Single Mom Cried at Her Professor's Reaction to Missing Class

When Morgan King had to miss class one day because she couldn't find someone to watch her baby, she emailed her professor to explain her absence- and this teacher's sensitive response will make you shed a few tears of joy. Morgan, a single mom attending the University of Tennessee, tweeted a picture of the email from her professor Sally Hunter. Not only did the understanding professor excuse Morgan's absence, she also encouraged her to bring her baby to class if she can't find childcare! 


The fact that the professor even offered to hold Korbyn, Morgan's baby, during class speaks volumes about who she is as a person. When Morgan arrived a couple minutes late to class the following day, her teacher had a similarly adorable response. 


The single mom's initial tweet quickly went viral, garnering more than 26,000 favorites. Hunter's reaction to the Twitter fame will warm your heart and restore your faith in humanity!



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